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Our system provides compliance support for the new government regulations

  • Safe Harbor Protection
  • UAD Compliance Check
  • MISMO XML Conversion
  • Freddie Fannie FHA Reviews
  • UCDP Submissions (Direct Integration)
  • Appraiser License Check (State and Federal)

Our Quality Assurance Products Allow Your Organization The Opportunity To Scrub Appraisal Reports For UAD Compliance and or Investor (GSE) Compliant Regulations. Our QC Safeguard Protection Module Is The Solution To The Safe Harbor Protection Requirements Published In The Reg Z 2014, And Safe Harbor Certificates Are Issued With All Compliant Appraisal Reports.

As A Direct Integrator With Uniformed Collateral Data Portal (UCDP) Your Organization Can Submit Appraisal Reports Directly Into The UCDP.